Rev. Fr. Tomy Kochelanjickal CMI

As we embark on this historic journey, I am filled with immense humility and gratitude. Sixty years ago, our institution was found on the principles of excellence, integrity, and compassion. Since then, it has been a beacon of knowledge, nurturing generations of learners and leaders. This milestone is not merely about the passage of time; it's a testament to the unwavering dedication to the  community – past and present. Together, we have weathered storms, celebrated triumphs, and emerged stronger than ever. Our journey has been marked by countless achievements, memorable moments, and profound impact on countless lives. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, let us reflect on our rich heritage and the countless lives that have been touched by our school's ethos. Let us honor our founder Rev. Fr. Francis Sales CMI and other  visionaries who laid the foundation and have contributed to our success over the years. Throughout this jubilee year, we have embarked  on various initiatives, events, and celebrations to commemorate our journey and envision the future. The most significant of them are, HEAL A FAMILY,  HOME FOR HOMELESS  and HARITHAGIRI . They are our main initiatives this year.  The school has been blessed with God's grace for building a lovely home for a needy family and the HOME FOR HOMELESS is aspiring to build more homes.

In our 'HEAL A FAMILY' project countless families have benefitted spiritually emotionally and financially.  Students of various classes have adopted families and embarked on a wonderful spiritual journey benefitting both.

'HARITHAGIRI ' the school’s initiative has been a game changer. The enthusiastic reception given to the organic vegetables produced from our home grown plants is awesome. The produce is in great demand and the hands on experience that our children enjoy growing  and selling is the thrust and vigour injected into the project. I congratulate all the staff , students and parents  for encouraging each other and  actively participating, engaging  and contributing  to make this year and its definable projects a truly memorable one.

One famous quote attributed to St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara regarding education is: "The first step towards salvation is knowledge; the second step is courage; the third step is righteousness." This quote underscores the importance of education in the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth. In these words, St. Chavara encapsulates the essence of education and its transformative power. Education is not merely about acquiring information but about the journey towards self-discovery and moral fortitude. Let us emulate the virtues exemplified by St. Chavara in Rajagiri HSS' pursuit of excellence, both in academics and in character.

Here's to sixty years of excellence, and to many more to come!


Warm regards,

Rev. Fr. Tomy Kochelanjickal CMI