School Uniform


  • Class I to IV : Navy Blue shorts, white shirt with half sleeves. (On Wednesdays:  Greyish Black Shorts, House Colour T-Shirt)
  • Class V to IX : Navy Blue trousers, white shirt with half sleeves (On Wednesdays: Greyish Black trousers, House Colour T-shirt)
  • Class XI : Navy Blue trousers, Blue& White Pinstriped shirt with half sleeves. (On Wednesday: Greyish Black trousers & House Colour T-Shirt).
  • Class X and XII : Regular uniform on all working days including Wednesday. 
  • School belt on all days. shoes : Black on all days. Socks ; Wednesday - Black, all other days navy blue.
  • Navy Blue Neck-Tie on the first working day of the week.


  • Class I to VII ; Navu Blue pinafore, white shirt with half sleeves, black shoes, navy blue socks and school belt. (On Wednesday: Greyish black pinafore and house clour T shirt.)
  • Class VIII to XII: Navy Blue over coat, White shirt (8,9,10) Blue & White Pinstriped shirt (XI) and Navy Blue Full Pants, Black Shoes and navy Blue socks. (On Wednesdays: greyish Black pants and over coat and house T shirt.)
  • ID card on all days.